Thursday, January 10, 2013


Have you already registered for Trustee U’s winter online course, starting January 15th?

You won’t want to miss it.  

Can't attend all the sessions live?  No matter!  The recordings are available to registered schools 24/7.

The upcoming 3 sessions will be expertly moderated by Marc Frankel and Judy Schechtman of Triangle Associates.  Below, Marc gives us a preview of the course’s crucial content.

From Marc Frankel:

Boards of trustees have an obligation to ensure the long-term financial well-being of their institutions -- for their children's children, as the saying goes.  And there’s a new urgency to this obligation, deriving from an increasing awareness in the independent school world that our long-term trend of increasing tuition well beyond inflation is unsustainable.

This obligation accrues not just to strategic planners or members of the finance committee, but to each and every individual board member, regardless of prior interest or literacy about matters of money.

Questions about sustainability combine with the fact that more and more schools are using sophisticated financial instruments to finance capital needs, some with valuations approaching $100 million.  This means that no longer can trustees fulfill their obligations and plead financial ignorance.

In light of these shifts, ADVIS and the Friends Council on Education, through their joint venture "Trustee U", will offer a unique flight of three webinars this winter to bring school governors up to speed.

The sessions will be presented by acclaimed subject matter experts:
            Pat Bassett, President of NAIS
            Sarah Daignault, former Executive Director of NBOA
            Michael Saxenian, SFO at Sidwell Friends School

Basset's webinar, the first in the series, will tackle the big picture; e.g., the changing environment for schools and the important drivers of our current financial unsustainability.

In the second webinar, Daignault will address the board's role in finance, including the types of questions board members should ask, the data they need, and the board's relationship with school administration.

Saxenian will end the series by exploring multi-year financial planning models, including an integration of strategic objectives and financial factors.

The webinars will offer something to all trustees, regardless of their years of board service or degree of financial literacy. 

READY TO REGISTER?  Just click here.

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